Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We moved! (End of March 2012)

At the end of March we moved. We decided to move to Yuba City for quite a few reasons. It cuts down on Mitch's commute quite a bit each week, housing is so much cheaper (and we needed a bigger place with a new baby on the way), and it is a safe and really pretty area. 

So, we said goodbye to our home in Orangevale.

The boys were so excited about the moving truck, they still talk about it.

And said hello to our new home in Yuba City.

We have really enjoyed our time here, especially our yard and our new friends.

Exploring the levee just down the street from us.

We've worked on a lot of projects.

I've had fun decorating and adding color to our new home.

There is a lot of Punjabi people in our area, and so obviously we had to go on a date and try out Indian food for the first time! Yum.

We have definitely enjoyed our new home!


Chayse and Charlotte said...

loooove the updates and photos! And the curtains in the living room...apparently we shop at the same place and have the same taste ;) Soooooooo excited for you to meet your baby girl!!! 5 days and counting...