Monday, October 8, 2012

Sienna June Rice

Sienna June Rice joined our family August 16th on our 5 year anniversary! She was due on the 26th, we had a c-section scheduled for the 20th, so we were happily surprised when she decided to make her grand entrance even a little earlier than planned. 

I had been feeling contractions for a few days, they weren't getting worse, but not necessarily going away either. I just figured it was false labor. The night of the 15th I was working on her crib sheet in the hopes of getting her nursery put together before her big arrival when the contractions got bad enough that I couldn't stand to sew. I decided to go to bed in hopes that laying down would calm them down. I had only slept for an hour when I woke up to a hard cramp, my body was shaking, my teeth were chattering. It was very weird, but the contractions were feeling slightly better if anything. After pacing around, drinking water, and trying to calm my body down we decided to call my doctor. He said that he couldn't say what was happening as the teeth chattering and body shakes weren't normal labor symptoms, but wanted me to go get checked at labor and delivery to make sure everything was okay. We don't have family in the area (Grandma and Grandpa were flying in 3 days later in hopes of being there to help out for our scheduled c-section),  and as we are fairly new to the area, we would feel bad waking up new friends in the middle of the night to watch our boys because I could "possibly be in labor". So, we loaded our boys in the car (this is 3am by the way), Caden was pleasant, Branson was mad and kept yelling "I want to be in my beeeed!!!". ha I went into labor and delivery while Mitch drove the sleeping boys around in the car and waited to hear what they said. After they monitored me for an hour or so they confirmed I was in labor, they said the OB would be there shortly and I'd be having a c-section in about half an hour. I quickly called Mitch and told him to call and wake up our friends to see if we could drop the boys off. Luckily, they answered the phone and were willing to have our boys crash at their place at 4 am. We owe them big time! Mitch dropped the boys off and made it back to the hospital just in time as they were prepping me for my c-section. Everything went well and we were quickly holding our beautiful baby girl!

She was born at 4:46am, weighing 7 lbs 13 oz, and measuring 20 1/4 inches long.

She has been such a sweet baby and has quickly won us all over.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grandpa Jon, Grandma Jo, and Uncle Adam come visit!

A couple of weeks ago Mitch's family came to visit from Utah. We had so much fun hanging out with them. The boys were especially excited to hang out with Uncle Adam, I love how much the boys look up to him already. 

Mitch was out of town the entire week leading up to their arrival, his plane ended up getting delayed and cancelled for another half a day after that. So, for the first day they were here, sadly Mitch was not (he was stuck in Phoenix at my parents house for the night), kinda ironic. I was exhausted from the week without Mitch and being 8 months pregnant, so Grandma and Grandpa gave me a break and took the boys to the children's museum while I took a nap. LOVE them for this, it was a much needed break and the boys had a blast.

The boys had fun playing tag with Uncle Adam.

Making cookies with Grandma Jo.

We introduced them to Brock's ice cream, which is a must have here in Yuba City. Yum.

The last day of their visit we drove to Tahoe and enjoyed the scenery.

Beautiful drive.

Eating lunch with a view of Lake Tahoe.

Grandma and Dad checking out the lake with the boys.

Sadly, the visit had to come to an end and we said goodbye! I am so lucky to have married into such a great family. Hope to see them again soon!

Swimming Lessons

This year Caden had his first round of swimming lessons. He did great and we are so proud of him! I was sad the first night when I couldn't be there, so I made Mitch take a bunch of pictures. Mitch told me later that Caden was the first one to jump off the diving board and the first thing he said afterward is "My Mom is going to be so proud!". I definitely was, and luckily was able to go watch most of his other lessons. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pow Wow Days

This summer we had to go back to Orangevale for the annual Pow Wow Days. We had a blast riding the rides, the boys couldn't get enough. Our gym pass was still valid for a few days at our old gym, and so we cooled off afterward by going swimming and splashing in the fountains at our old gym. So fun.

Caden and Mom Date

Shortly after we moved here, Mitch had to go out of town for a week. The boys, as much as they love each other, needed a break from each other. So, I dropped Branson off to play with a friend and took Caden out on a lunch date. We went to a fun pet store here in town that has a lot of cool animals, a giant turtle wanders around the store, a parrot talks in the corner, there are giant cod fish you can feed, etc. We then went and got a mini cupcake from a cupcake shop next door and finally picked up so me lunch and ate it at the park. It was so fun to get some one on one time with my boy, and both boys were so happy to be reunited after a much needed break from each other.

We moved! (End of March 2012)

At the end of March we moved. We decided to move to Yuba City for quite a few reasons. It cuts down on Mitch's commute quite a bit each week, housing is so much cheaper (and we needed a bigger place with a new baby on the way), and it is a safe and really pretty area. 

So, we said goodbye to our home in Orangevale.

The boys were so excited about the moving truck, they still talk about it.

And said hello to our new home in Yuba City.

We have really enjoyed our time here, especially our yard and our new friends.

Exploring the levee just down the street from us.

We've worked on a lot of projects.

I've had fun decorating and adding color to our new home.

There is a lot of Punjabi people in our area, and so obviously we had to go on a date and try out Indian food for the first time! Yum.

We have definitely enjoyed our new home!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Grandpa Yarn Funeral (March 2012)

Around the same time as Disneyland, Mitch's Grandpa Yarn passed away. It was bittersweet as he will be missed, but we are so happy that he can be comfortable and with his wife again. He was such an amazing man and you can read about his obituary HERE.  His funeral was a very touching one and was made extra neat by the fact that Elder Holland spoke at it. It was neat to hear someone who we all look up to so much talk about how much he looked up to Mitch's Grandpa. Grandpa Yarn was very involved at BYU as a professor and as the first dean of the religion department and had been a mentor to Elder Holland.

The upside to the situation is we were able to fly to Utah for the funeral and see Mitch's family again and say goodbye to Uncle Sam before he left for his mission.

The boys watching a movie together on the iPad on the plane. How did parents survive traveling with toddlers before these things existed?

Saying goodbye to Uncle Sam!